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radius arms to far back to mount to cups

started by roger benjamin, 7 posts, last on Mar 28 - 1:31 by terry sturgeon
wheel question

started by Brian Stark, 10 posts, last on Mar 28 - 1:22 by terry sturgeon
Power failure
(XJ8 - XJR)

started by Alex Sapyta, 6 posts, last on Mar 28 - 0:35 by William Corn
1995 XJ6 fuel odor in the cabin
(XJ Saloons)

started by James Villano, 3 posts, last on Mar 27 - 21:07 by Don Zipfel
XJ12L Cabin heat
(XJ Saloons)

started by Don Zipfel, 1 posts, last on Mar 27 - 20:49 by
Alternator and A/C relays - Pics 1 & 2

started by Tony Watt, 4 posts, last on Mar 27 - 15:17 by ROBERT BAYERS
Driver's side mirror

started by Jenny Hilburn, 6 posts, last on Mar 27 - 14:43 by Jenny Hilburn
1953 xk120 pastel green

started by Keith English, 3 posts, last on Mar 27 - 12:12 by Keith English
Restoration of electric clock in tach (Smiths, MK2)
(XK Powered Saloons and DHCs)

started by Robin Brown, 6 posts, last on Mar 27 - 9:48 by George R. Parker
Scam? Anyone else
(General Discussion)

started by Jenny Hilburn, 1 posts, last on Mar 27 - 7:30 by