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Prewar / 1948

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Item Description Deposit Inspection/Clean-up
100-005 Puller

This puller is for all Jaguar models. Heavy tool and fast and safe. Eliminate the frustration and danger/damage using incorrect tools.

250 5
18G-131-C Differental case spreader Mk1,Mk2,MkVII, MKVIII,MkIX.120,140,150

This required tool for successful rebuild for live axle Jaguar cars. Vital to avoid damage to case. This is a very heavy and rare tool but makes the job so easy. Also known as SL1.

800 5
18G-468 Wind screen tool

This makes putting in those pesky locking strips easily and uniform. Makes fitting the chrome strips much less a chore.

250 5
J-21 Radius Arm bush remover and replacer

Use these correctly and the replacement of the trailing arm bushes is a snap. All IRS cars up to the end of the XJS.

100 5
J14 Rear wishbone pivot dummy shafts

For all IRS Jaguar rear assemblies up to 1987.

150 3
J15 Hub end float master spacer

For setting the end float on the rear hubs. Also numbered as JD 40 and 1003 by Zelenda. For All IRS cars with inboard brakes.

75 3
J17 Rear seal sizing tool XK engines

This tool when used properly ensures your XK rear oil seal does not leak. Use this and forget about a modification to your crankshaft or a leak from an improper job.

500 10
J2B Timing chain adjustment tool

Also numbered as J2 or British Leyland Tool (BLT) 1001. This tool allows correct and precise adjustment of the front timing chains of all XK engines (1948-1987). This tool is also available for purchase but you must call the tech line.

25 1.5
J7 Wire wheel hub puller

Massive heavy tool that makes this difficult job a snap. THis is one of the most sought after tools. This tool as with all the tools is factory and not a cheap knockoff. Prevents damage and frustration.

1250 10
J8 Engine lift bracket

For early XK engines that had no lift eyes. All XK engines until 1965. Rare and perfect for balance when doing this tough job.

150 5
JD1C Hub puller for steel wheel/solid cars.

Use this for a safe and easy job. Don't make do with unsafe tools that lead to damage and danger.

750 10
JD25B Setting links Jaguar IRS

Sets the rear suspension in the mid laden position which is necessary for proper set-up.

150 3
JD36A Steering Rack setting tool

Necessary for setting the steering rack on the XJ6. Rare and necessary for a proper job.

500 10
JD39 V-12 timing gear fitting tool

Necessary for the correct setup of the V12 timing chains and sprockets.

1250 10