2005 Challenge Championship Finale

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"You should have been there", is all one can think of to say! A fantastic venue, interesting activities, JCNA competition events, incredible scenery of the north Georgia mountains, parties, dining, and social interaction with Jaguar friends from around north America, were hallmarks of the 2005 Challenge Championship

There is really no way that one can adequately thank our "hosts" for making the Challenge Championship possible at such an affordable price. They were there in person, helping out and participating as if they were JCNA members! (some are!) These folks certainly have earned our loyalty and consideration when we make purchasing decisions.

Repeating their names in no particular order:

Jaguar Cars North America - Pirelli Tire USA - Charles Schwab - Coventry West
Indianapolis Motor Speedway - SNG Barratt - Welsh Enterprises - Zymol
Classic Showcase - Hennessy Jaguar - XKs Unlimited

What a coup, having had Jaguar Cars fly the prototype 2007 XK and designer Ian Callum to the Chateau for a C.C. preview! The new XK Jaguar embodies styling and technology that is bound to be imitated throughout the industry. Mr. Callum explained his design concepts as the featured speaker at the Awards Banquet.

The backdrop for this introduction was the Chateau Elan Winery, and an array of the finest new and vintage Jaguars ever displayed in the southeast. Four cars were candidates for the "Best Jaguar in Show" trophy, finally awarded to the 1974 E Type owned by Terry Love. This car has now won "Best in Show" in the 2001 and 2005 Challenge Championships!

No amount of praise would suffice for the North Georgia Jaguar Club and its key people. Their investment of time and effort in showcasing the deep south and its ambiance, helped produce this incredible event. A recently formed club having fewer than 1/3 of the members of our larger JCNA clubs, they willingly shouldered the Challenge Championship's responsibility for our membership's benefit. And what a job they did! We hope that entrants and sponsors alike, will express their thanks with a note to NGJC's President, Joe Newell.

The Challenge Championship Committee wishes to express our thanks to all entrants, contributors, the many folks who worked behind the scenes judging, scoring, registering, parking cars, setting rally routes, and the myriad of other duties that produced this successful Challenge Championship.

We look forward to seeing you in even greater numbers in 2007!