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Prewar / 1948

1950s & 1960s






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Item Description Deposit Inspection/Clean-up
Churchill, Zelenda,OTC, SPX official shop tools Official Jaguar Shop Tools

Due to an executed MOI between the Coventry Foundation and JCNA all tools have been relocated and sorted at the Foundations Facility. This move is seamless for JCNA members who have benefited from the vast holdings of the foundation for aver 4 years. So the process for JCNA members to loan tools remains the same. There will be many additions to the PDF of tools available in the near future as there are many offerings that are not listed. The illustration is simply one wall of Official tools held by both organizations. Soon tools that are excess to both organizations needs will be offered for purchase at a fraction of their original cost and much less that current offerings on line. 


Also for you cross breeders the influx of tools has provided many special tools for Triumph, MG, Rover, Daimler, Austin, Healey and others. Feel free to ask if they are available either here or on the Foundations web site

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