Efficient handling of a new member application is the first step in building a good relationship with a member.  First impressions do matter.  
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for New Members who join with the local club.

  1. Have a policy (SOP) stating: 
    • Establish responsibility for receiving/reviewing/approving the application (i.e. Membership Chair, Treasurer, President, etc.) 
    • Determine how best to transmit the application within the club (i.e. email); and ensure that the New Member (NM) will immediately begin receiving communications from the local club. 
    • Time framefor processing the application (i.e. one week from receipt to notification of approval to new member). 
    • Keep the applicant informed.  Notify him/her immediately that you received the application.  If approval is not automatic, advise him/her that approval will take some time and why.  (If club has a rejection policy, be sure grounds are specified in SOP and have a protest procedure in writing).   
    • Welcome the new member (see Welcome Process for guidelines.) 
    • As soon aspossible after the NM application is approved, an updated Excel roster with the NM information should be transmitted via email to the JCNA Business Administrator in charge of administering the official JCNA Membership Number and recording the NM in the JCNA roster. (Note: a Welcome Packet will be sent to the NM by JCNA).

Application Procedure:
Applications and payment may be received in several ways:

  • the JCNA website
  • your club website
  • Printed form with check
  • One year complimentary membership through the local Jaguar dealer

Regardless of how the prospective member (PM) application is received the following guidelines should assist you in processing it.

  1. Club Designee:
    • Receives the application (and payment if by check) and forwards it in accordance with club SOP.  (i.e. copy to President, BoD etc.)  
    • Notifies the PM that the application/payment has been received (and is approved or in process).
  2. As soon as a PM is accepted the Membership Chair (or designee) contacts the PM with a Welcome letter, and sends the club's Welcome Package (see Welcome Process for guidelines)  

New Member Procedure:

  1. Immediately add new member (NM) to the club database.
  2. Consider assigning a "sponsor" to the NM to insure the NM will not feel alone at the first few meetings and/or events.  The NM will have someone to talk to, ask questions and become integrated into the group.  
  3. Contact (email or telephone) the NM and personally invite him/her to the next meeting or event

Welcome Process:
Make sure a new member feels welcome.  This is especially necessary for a NM from a Jaguar dealer.  Personal contact can make the difference between keeping a member and losing him/her.  See our Best Practices document for ideas for welcoming a new member.  We can help you with sample letters, etc.

  1. Send a Welcome letter immediately.  Invite the NM to the next meeting or event (Be customer friendly and give the details.  Don't expect him/her to search your website for the information).  Tell the NM you are sending a Welcome package of material.
  2. Welcome Package:
    • Schedule of meetings and events, and club contact list.
    • Latest newsletter
    • A token gift (i.e. Club patch, key fob, window decal, etc.)
    • If the club meets at a restaurant, a gift certificate for the next meeting-- even if it's just for a free cup of coffee.)    
    • If NM joined directly to club then include the JCNA New Member Package ( JCNA Brochure, Publications Flyer, JCNA Member Benefits list, JCNA President's Message)
  3. Personal Introduction by President or Membership Chairman to introduce the new member when they attend first club event.
  4. Consider holding one event each year specifically designated as a welcome for NMs.  If not a part of the standard welcome package, consider a handout or other informational presentation that describes the club?s major activities (Concours, Slalom, Rallies, etc.).  The club officers should be identified to the NMs and all NMs in attendance should be recognized and given the opportunity to introduce themselves.