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Founded in 1955, the Jaguar Journal (the World's Oldest Jaguar Magazine) is published bi-monthly by the Jaguar Clubs of North America, Inc. for its members and all Jaguar Enthusiasts.

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Subscription Information

Members of JCNA affiliate clubs and members-at-large automatically receive Jaguar Journal as a benefit of membership. US and Canadian subscriptions for nonmembers is available for $25, foreign airmail subscriptions are $40. Payments are to be in US funds only. Send subscription requests (nonmembers) and change of address request's to:

Jaguar Journal
Jaguar Clubs of North America
500 Westover Dr #8354
Sanford, NC 27330

Phone  (888) 258-2524, Ext #10
Fax  (888) 568-7258

Editorial Submissions/Club and JCNA Event News

Jaguar Journal
9435 Watkins Road
Gaithersburg,MD 20882

Phone  (910) 398-3620


Classified ads are free to members and subscribers. Ads accepted subject to space availability. Include member/subscriber number and send to:

Jaguar Journal
9435 Watkins Road
Gaithersburg,MD 20882

Must be received four weeks before issue date; late ads will run next issue. Car photo $15, non-member ads $20. Commercial ads $40/inch. Send photo and payment with copy.


For more information on Advertising in the Jaguar Journal or on the JCNA Website, plese contact:

Diane DuFour - Jaguar Journal Advertising Manager
Phone  (704) 408-5788