DTC Codes

The DTC Summaries and codes for various model years of Jaguar cars are available here. The documents are PDF files that can be downloaded and used by you locally. 

These summaries provide additional information for fault codes and are useful in diagnosing potential issues on your Jaguar.

Files are available for

S-Type Model Year 2000

X-Type Model Year 2002

XK-Type Model Year 2003

XJS, XJ6, XJ12, XK8, XJ8, XJR Model Year 1995 - 2002

Changing & Updating Judging Guides

Requests for changes and or updates to any of the published JCNA Judging Guides should be sent to the following: jsambold@coventryfoundation.org.

The submission must include the citation of the exact place in the specific Judging Guide and version, page number, paragraph, sentence, and or image in question.

The submission must also be accompanied by full documentation supportive of the requested change or update with the source of accompanying documentation provided. Any submission that is received incomplete will be returned.