2022 Concours results are official. Please review the results and standings and notify the Concours Committee Chair if you believe there are discrepancies.

Clubs - PLEASE update your judge training and testing information on the website.

At time of Sanction request: The posting of this JCNA Concours Sanction request acknowledges that the Chief Judge and Concours Chairman commit to conduct the Sanctioned Concours to the fullest extent possible per the applicable JCNA Concours Rules.

At the time of posting the Judges info and Scores: The posting of the results of the JCNA Sanctioned Concours Judges information and Concours scores acknowledges that the Chief Judge and Concours Chairman conducted the Sanctioned Concours to the fullest extent possible per the applicable JCNA Concours Rules.

Chief Judges and / or Concours Chairs - Contact JCNA Concours Committee Chair, Jim Sambold by email once you have uploaded your concours results and judging team information. Jim will then review your entries and classify your event as "Official."

Rulebook and Forms

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If you prefer, you may download individual chapters and sections below or you may order a printed, double sided, 3-hole punch copy from the JCNA Shoppe.

2022 Rule Book (Rules Effective Jan 1, 2022) (NOTE: Complete Version 06022022 In Effect)



Other Resources

How To Videos:

Please be advised that this instructional video has not been sanctioned by the JCRC. It is, however, a bold and laudable attempt at illustrating one club's methods of how a cerified judge may approach the judging of a 1963 E-type FHC. As such, it is not the only course of actions that another club's CJ would instruct when illustrating the same or similar rules and protocols in action and application as described in the most recent, sanctioned JCNA Judge's Guide.

This video is also NOT an attempt to cover all variants of the Series 1 E-type from 1961 to 1967 as it is,  in some items, specific to the model and year utilized.

It is also NOT to be considered even a partial replacement for the requirement that each certified judge become annually familiar with the contents of the latest JCNA Judge's Guide.

Also, the video does not attempt to cover every item that an experienced certified judge may or may not have had time to judge during the allowed 15 minutes per section mandated by current JCNA rules. If a component was over-looked, it does not mean it should not have been judged, or would not have been judged, if more time had been available.    Obviously, a judge more experienced or more familiar with the year and model would judge more efficiently and thus review more components.

Safe motoring,

Hal Kritzman


Chairman, JCRC

Protest Reports:

Judging Guides - Judging guides can be downloaded by JCNA members at this Link and they can be purchased by anyone in the JCNA Shoppe professionally done with a cover and binder for a very reasonable price.