North America Standings
Class Place Name Specific Member JCNA# Entry Points Club
C1/PRE 1 Chris and Caryn Lapinski SE34-55135 1934 SS1 tourer 99.68000 Jaguar Society of South Carolina (SE34)
C2/120 1 Patrick Hergenroeder Patrick Hergenroeder NC28-26624 1949 XK12 OTS Silver 99.98333 The Jaguar Club of Ohio (NC28)
C2/120 2 Lionel and Karen Bessudo SE09-65251 1954 XK120 FHC 94.99333 Jaguar Club of Florida (JCOF) (SE09)
C3/140 1 Keith Webb SW04-56130J XK140 OTS, Maroon 99.84333 Jaguar Owners Club of Los Angeles (SW04)
C4/150 1 Don and Paula Beck Donald Beck SC31-64346 XK150 Coupe 100.00000 Central Oklahoma Jaguar Association (SC31)
C5/E1 1 Cheryl Stein and Jay Butler NC13-56054 1965 E type 99.68667 Illinois Jaguar Club (NC13)
C6/E2 1 J.J. and Rebecca Keig J. J. Keig SC35-64242J 1969 E Type Fixed Head Coupe Blue 99.97333 Jaguar Owners Association of North Texas (SC35)
C6/E2 2 James Cordock NE08-64673 Black 1970 OTS 99.96333 Jaguar Club of Southern New England (NE08)
C7/E3 1 Thomas Inwood Thomas Inwood NC28-42891J 1973 OTS E-Type Azure Blue 100.00000 The Jaguar Club of Ohio (NC28)
C8/SLS 1 Robert Baumhefner SW04-03377 Mk 2 Saloon, Black 99.85333 Jaguar Owners Club of Los Angeles (SW04)
C9/XJ 1 Ella Ghazvinian and Mike Zavos SW60-43152J-J XJ6 S1, Regency Red 99.97667 Inland Empire Jaguar Club (SW60)
C11/J8 1 Howard Meyers SE98-48440 2009 XJ8 99.99667
C11/J8 2 Eric Gruver SW04-57509J 2008 XJ8 VDP, Silver 99.94667 Jaguar Owners Club of Los Angeles (SW04)
C12/JS 1 Britt Chapman SE09-65374 1990 XJS 99.16000
C13/JS 1 Ella Ghazvinian and Mike Zavos Ella Ghazvinian SW60-43152J-J 1992 Solent Blue XJS Convertible 99.94333 Inland Empire Jaguar Club (SW60)
C14/K8 1 Philip and Karen DiTrolio Philip SE57-45379J 2004 XK8 Coupe 99.99000 North Georgia Jaguar Club (SE57)
C14/K8 2 David and Marie Allen SW03-55669CJ XK8 Convertible, Zircon Blue 99.94000 San Diego Jaguar Club (SW03)
C14/K8 3 Robert Silvestri NE08-39896J 1998 XK8, Meteorite 99.85333 Jaguar Club of Southern New England (NE08)
C15/XK 1 Mark and Diana Hodges SW03-47004 2014 XKR Coupe, Rhodium Silver 99.94333 San Diego Jaguar Club (SW03)
C15/XK 2 Bob and Judith Eberle Bob SE68-59926J 2013 XK Coupe 99.92667 Jaguar Club of Southwest Florida (SE68)
C16/SX 1 Steve Quilty SE11-47084 2007 X-Type, Red 99.95000 Sun Coast Jaguar Club of Florida (SE11)
C17/PN 1 Larry Goldberg NE08-61989 1983 XJ6, Black 99.66333 Jaguar Club of Southern New England (NE08)
C19/FJ 1 Andrew F. McClintock NC59-42527 2011 XJ Sedan 99.83000 Jaguar Club of Greater Cincinnati (NC59)
C19/FJ 2 William Sihler William Sihler SE12-42749J 2019 XJL 99.73667 Virginia Jaguar Club (SE12)
C20/F 1 Dennis M Spaulding Dennis M Spaulding NE33-54849 2014 F-Type S Conv., Rhodium Silver 99.91333 Delaware Valley Jaguar Club (NE33)
C20/F 2 Steve and Deanie Kennedy Deanie SW07-04436J 2015 Salsa Red F-Type 99.84667 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club (SW07)
C21/F 1 Pete and Christa Rieth SW03-22471CJ F-Pace 99.95667 San Diego Jaguar Club (SW03)
D1/PRE 1 John and Bunni Boswell II NC47-06150CJ 1938 SS DHC 9.74200 Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd. (NC47)
D2/E1 1 James Cordock NE08-64673 1967 E-Type OTS 9.99567 Jaguar Club of Southern New England (NE08)
D3/E2 1 Pat and Sue Geary Pat Geary NC28-51746J 1969 SII 2+2 - Red 9.98300 The Jaguar Club of Ohio (NC28)
D4/E3 1 Steven Leyerly SW04-64268J E-Type S3 OTS, Silver 9.99867 Jaguar Owners Club of Los Angeles (SW04)
D4/E3 2 Mark A and Lori Havemann NC13-30039J 1972 XKE 2+2 9.98933 Illinois Jaguar Club (NC13)
D7/XJ 1 Ronald and Kim Wallis Ronald Wallis SC38-50628J 1996 XJR Saloon Carnival Red 9.98833 Jaguar Club of Houston (SC38)
D7/XJ 2 Ed and Karen Soens SW03-24428 1994 XJ40 Sedan, White 9.97933 San Diego Jaguar Club (SW03)
D11/XK 1 Dave P and Kathy S. Morgan NC29 NC29-48330J 2009 XKR CONV 10.00000 Jaguar Association of Central Ohio (NC29)
D11/XK 2 Wilhelm"Will" Hoehndorf Will SE09-56052J 2007 XK Convertible 9.98933 Jaguar Club of Florida (JCOF) (SE09)
D11/XK 3 Fred and Judi Carvajal Fred and Judi Carvajal SC35-29990J 2009 XK Convertible Navy Blue 9.96700 Jaguar Owners Association of North Texas (SC35)
D12/J8 1 Rod Westphal Rod NC47-63211 2008 XJ8L 9.99467 Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd. (NC47)
D16/FP 1 Michael and Karen Meyer Michael Meyer NC28-31045J 2019 F-Pace SUV Black 10.00000 The Jaguar Club of Ohio (NC28)
S3/REP 1 Andrea and George Barry SW05-04949 1953 C-Type Replica, British Racing Green 9.99100 Jaguar Associate Group (SW05)