Welcome to JCNA

This document provides important and useful information on the various services the JCNA website provides to JCNA Affiliates. Please take a moment to review this guide which will be useful for your club.

Since early 2002, the JCNA website has been maintained and expanded by volunteers whose goal has been to provide better services to JCNA Members, Club officers and visitors. As volunteers, we understand your time is limited and one of our goals is to reduce the amount of time you spend on club administration tasks while helping your club to expand.

Most of these new services and features have been designed to be used "self-serve" by club officers with no intervention from the webmaster. Of course, if you encounter a problem or if you are not sure about how to do something, don't hesitate to ask! There is no such thing as a silly question, only silly mistakes made because someone didn't ask. Help is only an email away (webmaster@jcna.com).

This help page/user guide has been provided to help you get the most out of the JCNA website. Many of the services are optional and if you prefer you can keep doing things the "old fashioned way" by submitting paper forms and only showing limited information on club page. On the other hand, you can save time by using the online calendar to request sanctions or by submitting your competition results online.

Compatibility requirements: the JCNA website should work with any recent version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, FireFox, or Opera. Older versions will usually work but there are a few known issues with Netscape 4.x which is now completely outdated, please upgrade to the latest version.

The site has been optimized for fast loading and we avoid fancy but often slow Flash animations and Java applets. Some pages use JavaScript when needed so JavaScript should not have been disabled in your browser.