Alternator Upgrade for Series II E-Type

Do-It-Yourself Alternator Upgrade for non A/C Series II E-Type


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Do-It-Yourself Alternator Upgrade
for non A/C Series II E-Type


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posted 06-18-2003


Installation of # 14255 Auto Lite Alternator on 68 4.2L Non A/C E
Type Jaguar. 

Identify the Wiring

Just a little information to get us started. The Lucas unit removed
had 4 wires to that unit. My wires had been changed and replaced over the
years and I do not have exact color matching for them, but I think I can
explain how to do this installation with good results. 

You should be able to determine the very large power wire that feeds
the battery. The second wire is the ground wire; on the Lucas it is the
wire on the extreme right side of the Lucas unit. There should now be two
wires off of the Lucas unit to identify. Take a Digital Multi Meter (DMM)
and attach the positive lead to the end of one wire and the other lead
to a good ground source, set the meter to measure 12 volts (V) and then
turn the ignition key to the ON position. If the DMM reads 12V this wire
is then the wire to attach to the L spade on the #14255 alternator. The
other wire will go to the other spade on the #14255, and attach to right
side spade, inside the only cutout on the back of the #14255. 


The #14255 attaches to the original engine bracket using a long grade
8 bolt & necessary washers and tube spacers as shown below, this
installation requires 2 of these tube spacers to keep the alternator from
twisting or yawing in the bracket. 

The adjustable arm that attaches to the top of the water pump is a off
the shelf item from the auto parts store, it had to be cut and redrilled
for fit & function. I had to cut 2 pieces off the arm to get it to
fit. The arm also had to be shaved where it comes into contact with the
alternator fan. 

The pulley on the #14255 is the supplied pulley that came with the alternator.
It has a flat side as part of its Inside diameter to fit the alternator
shaft. The pulley is of the split design, in other words the pulley is
made up of two pieces. To better fit the width of the standard grooved
fan belts I added washers, spacers, between the pulley halves to spread
them apart to better accept the belt. When assembling all of the pulley
parts, locktight, blue, was used on the shaft nut and shaft & spacers. 

KoolKat is not using the spring-loaded adjustment pulley that is original
to the car. Because of the diameter of the alternator pulley and its case
size, the longest belt needs to be used and I believe this to be # 09-0117
of the XK # 12 catalog page 152. (800-444-5247) 

The above photo shows the back of the #14255 alternator. The power wire
is the wire with the blue spacer on the top right side of the alternator.
The L spade has the yellow connector and the wire as described earlier.
The other wire is attached to the other spade connector in the same cutout.
Ground wire is located on a screw into the case at the lower left side
of the alternator.

The above photo shows a close up of the bracket & spacers, and of
course the grade 8 bolt through the assembly. Notice that the bracket is
black and the spacers are on each side of the bracket, this is done to
align the alternator pulley groove with the water pump pulley. 

The above photo shows a close up of the bolt head and the tube spacers
and engine bracket. Be very careful of the tension on the flanges of the
alternator, the spacers are to be cut to take up the space between the
engine bracket and the alternator flanges, over tightening the bolt may,
could, break the aluminum style alternator flanges, not good. Also notice
the addition of a yellow colored sleeve in the engine bracket & bolt
tube, this is in place to take up space of the inside diameter of the bracket
and the tube spacer that the bolt goes through. All of the hardware, bolt
& nuts pulley washers were available at a local hardware store, just
take your time and plan on trying items and refitting to get it right &

The above photo shows a front view of the alternator, notice the adjustable
arm and see how close the arm comes to the fan, this is where it had to
be shaved for clearance. Notice how well the belt fits into the pulley. 
Hey, how about that engine breather air filter, K&N of course, using
water pump to intake manifold hose. 

The above photo shows the distance spread of the pulley. 

Total cost of alternator & adjustable arm at Checkers Auto Parts,
lifetime warranty, tube spacers & grade 8 bolt etc. was less than $100
and I did not turn in the Lucas unit but paid the core charge & kept
the old unit.  Mike Goodwin & KoolKat in Phoenix.