98-99 XJR EGR Pipe Service Action Bulletin

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98 - 99 XJR EGR Pipe
Service Action


, South Florida Jaguar Club

posted 2/18/04

In January 2004, Jaguar North America issued a Service Action bulletin
(nr S-701) on Exhaust Gas Recirculation Tubes.

Owners of affected cars (1998-1999 XJR and Supercharged VDP) need to
contact their Jaguar dealer to make a service appointment so that a redesigned
EGR transfer pipe can be installed.

Symptoms of a cracked EGR pipe can include a ratling noise, Check Engine
Light and various idle, hesitation and poor economy.

Later models (2000 and on) as well as normally aspirated XJ8 are not
affected by this service action.



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