Spare Parts Storage on an E-type

Posted By NC13 on 28 Jul 2017

I’ve always carried some spare parts with me wherever I go. I’ve been on a few weekend drives where someone’s car was flat bedded home since something died.

The closest call I ever had was after a fall drive to Wisconsin. I got home Sunday night, left the car out to unload it. Started to get dark and rain was coming so I went to put it in the garage. The ignition switch fell apart and wouldn't work. I put it in neutral and pushed it in.

I lucked out, a day earlier and I would have been 300 miles from home!

I carry a few things in my trunk such as a spare fuel pump, bulbs, fluids and an alternator.

Up front under the passenger side headlight in a laundry bag, I have a complete set of belts, hoses, regulator, 6ra relay, some wiring, a dash switch and a made up switch to replace the ignition switch. Plenty of room for it. Plus, you can always use the driver's side for more stuff. 

Just use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the panel behind the headlight and you're all set for repairs on the roadside if needed or running drugs across the border.