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Tool Donation Program

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Prewar / 1948

1950s & 1960s






As you can see from the tools available JCNA is indeed fortunate to possess as many of these valuable and necessary tools to ensure the continued preservation and functioning of the cars that drive our passion. You will also see that there are tools that we do not possess. If you have Factory service tools that are redundant to your needs or you, like several other members, are willing to share these tools please contact either gcampatjcna.com (George Camp) or dmauryatjcna.com (Dick Maury) .

Please note while we admire tools that have been fabricated by individuals this program is only able to accept Factory tools made by V.L. Churchill, Zelenda, SPX, OTC, Lucas, Dunlop, Kent Moore, Sun, and a few others. Common hand tools are not part of this program.

Thank you for considering a donation!


We sincerely wish to thank the following members who have donated tools to help get this program up and going.

  • Jaguar Cars / Dan Algarin
  • George Camp
  • Dick Maury / Coventry West
  • Darryl Beech / Charleston Import Automotive
  • Doug Buchan
  • The Coventry Foundation