A new kind of concours for a new kind of hobby.

Like so many things this year, the original plans for our concours in October never even got started before being shut down. Certainly, in light of the current social environment, repeating last year’s event at a tight public space seemed unwise. For that reason, many JCNA affiliates have canceled their events.

October is still months away and nobody knows what the social landscape will look like then. We hope for the best; plan for the worst. Clearly, a club concours in today’s environment would require a radical re-thinking of the usual formula. The planning needs to incorporate some new requirements. Failure on any of these fronts would likely prevent us going forward.

First, We need a smaller show and an open venue. We need to plan for effective social distancing throughout the event.

Second, any food served needs to be prepared professionally, then catered and served in the cleanest way possible utilizing all of the current safety protocols.

Finally, restrooms and facilities have to be apart from public access and dedicated to the sole use by event participants. The facilities need to be clean.

With those requirements in mind, we are planning a smaller, more private concours at our country residence. Emily and John live in eastern Franklin County on 15 acres anchored by an antebellum home. About   from the Drury Inn and Suites we used for a hotel last year. The setting is more than adequate for the kind of event we’re imagining. For the show field, there is a large meadow off the main house. There is another area for trailer parking. Both areas are accessed off the main road. A professionally catered dinner will be served in a shaded area just off the patio. We also have dedicated guest restroom facilities off the guest house.

Having the event at a private residence allows complete control of crowd density and spectator access. Typically, we would want a more public exposure but that is one of the things that has changed. If ever there was a time to have our concours at a somewhat reclusive private location, this is it. We will continue to monitor public health reports as the date approaches. Should it be deemed unsafe to gather, even outside at a social distance, we will inform attendees of the decision as soon as possible. 

Event Date
Event End Date
Event Location
2041 Deslodge Estates Dr. Villa Ridge, MO 63089
Event Chairperson
John Testrake/Lisa Hendrix
Chairperson Address
Chairperson Phone
636-266-1579; 314-406-5412
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