My name is German, I'm an independent filmmaker in Los Angeles. Me and cinematographer Daphne are making a spec commercial (spec means itÔÇÖs not an official commercial but we are making it at our own expense out of love for the car and the idea) of the Jaguar E-Type or the new F-Type. The commercial consists mostly of poetic aerial shots of the car that connect with an inspired narration.

We are looking for an F-Type (or E-Type) owner based in Los Angeles who would be interested in spending a day with us driving his/her car on the beautiful roads of Los Angeles Forest. In turn we can offer a rental fee for the day plus a gorgeous video of your car.

You can check my and DaphneÔÇÖs reels here:

Daphne and I have been working on films for many years now, including feature films, shorts, commercials and music videos.

All interested can email us at: jaguarcommercialatgmail.com