Submitted by Allnat on Thu, 08/08/2019 - 15:56

Hello everyone, Im new to this Forum. I have a 2004 X type 3.0 that was given to me 3 yrs ago with 60k mi on it. It had been sitting for 8 yrs not being used. I had some work done on it drove it for about a month because it wouldnt accelerate. It would jerk when you stepped on the gas and then cut off. I took it to 3 different mechanics had the pumped. Hanged 3 times, fuel sensors, fuel lines cleaned, filter, and none of them could find a solution. It was diagnosed with P0191, 0171 and a few more that said it was fuel issues and a "Bank 1" something issue which none of the mechanics mentioned. They all tried replace the things I mentioned above but its still doing the same thing. Its a nice car low miles, mint inside and a little faded paint from the sun and being outside but nothing a inexpensive paint job wont cure. So before I junk this car because I have already put 2k in it and the blue book is only 2.3k does anyone have any suggestions on what it could he other than whats already been done.