I have a 70 XKE ragtop that I bought in 1983 or so and completely restored it back then, I showed it for about 4 years in Chicago area until 1990 a third, a second, and finally a first in driven class 90 point plus car.( got married to a gal with 3 kids) It has maybe 1,000 miles put on it from 1983 till 1990. I pulled it out of the garage and had the same mechanic that did all the work on it in the 80's take it home and go through it, well it is done and running well. Now it is time to sell her, Yes I have owned it for 34 years or so and it has not seen the street since 1990. Is there a better auction to take he to this spring? Is there one that the buyers are more inclined to look at a XKE more so that morpar?
Brian 70 XKE