I have long wanted to own a Mark 2, and have been seriously searching for the last few months. Today, I sat behind the wheel of one and was somewhat dismayed by the fact that the seat did not go back far enough for me. I'm 6'3" -- taller than average but not a giant -- and I had to lift my whole leg considerably to hit the brake pedal. My question is, is there a auxiliary set of mounting holes on the seat or the runners that would allow it to be remounted 2 or 3 inches back, or will I be faced with having new runners fabricated (or the seat modified)? I'm sure someone here has taken these seats out at some point and will be able to answer this question. Thanks.

Submitted by SW04-63848 on Sun, 03/10/2019 - 21:36

Using an intermediary bar of steel (1" x 3/16") I was able to mount my seat back 2.5". I drilled two sets of holes in the bar, each set matching the center-to-center distance of the holes in the seat mounting. I mounted the front set to the chassis, the back set to the seat. I mounted the bars to the seat first. The front seat mount had no clearance between the bar and the chassis, so I used a counter-sunk flat head screw there. Everywhere else I used hex head bolts. It went very smoothly and I'm a much happier and more comfortable driver now.