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I'm in Oceanside, CA and I've owned this 1970 XKE roadster for 49 years. Just had it painted a year ago and when they put it back together, they really messed up the electrical. I can't find anyone that will work on a Jaguar. I no absolutely nothing about auto electrical. NEED HELP!

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You may want to reach out to your local Jaguar club (I know there is one in San Diego), or a dealer to see if they can suggest a repair center.

I have a 1968 E-Type OTS and found the series two wiring diagram to best fit my car. Any automobile electrician can make the repairs with a wiring diagram (especially if the color coded wires have not been messed with). I searched the internet and found the diagram below.

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Hi William

There is a Jag-only shop on the S side of the 78 just east of the turn off for Frys in San Marcos. I forget the street name - have escaped and now live in the free state of East Texas. But, you can see their sign from the freeway. Good guy but not cheap.

But I agree with lou & would do what he suggests. Mine is a S3; almost the same complexity as a S2, and it's simple simple simple for any half-decent auto electrical guy with a schematic. These are NOT complex cars.

Good luck