Inaugaural Northwoods SAAC Open Track Event @ Autobahn Oct 29&30

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If you have not already heard, the Northwoods Region Shelby Club is hosting an Open Track Event at the Autobahn in Joliet this October 29-30. These guys have been hosting open track and other events for many years and have decided to include the Autobahn Country Club as one of the tracks they would like to tour. The Inaugural Northwoods Grand Prix at the Autobahn, as it is being called, is open to Northwoods members and non-members alike. Except for open wheel cars, all makes and models are allowed! You will tour your car for several 20 minute sessions per day. This will get you A LOT of track time. The Autobahn is a twin track layout, so you will be on the North course on Saturday, South on Sunday. The cars and drivers will be grouped according to car performance and drivers experience. More than one driver can use the same car in different groups! This is high speed touring, not racing. Your car must pass a safety and tech inspection. Approved helmets, lap + sholder safety belts and roll bars in open cars are mandatory. Everything else is just a ton of fun!

If you have never driven an open track event before, there is usually someone in the group that can show you the line to get you comfortable with the track and your car. If you have driven open track events before, you will enjoy this event!

The recent open track event that the Northwoods Shelby Club hosted at Road America was a resounding success.

Registration and tech info is available on their website at

Hope to see you there,
Henry V

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The following is edited from the Northwoods Shelby Club Northwoods Gran Prix Registration page:

Northwoods Shelby Club Presents
Inaugural "Northwoods Grand Prix"
Autobahn Country Club Joliet, Illinois
October 29-30, 2005

October 29-30 2005 Autobahn Country Club, Joliet Illinois. Note that this event will be open to non-club members and all makes and models of cars may run at this event. Pre-registration for this event has begun.
Please find more info on our website

Open to all makes and models including convertibles with roll bars, all subject to tech requirements. Note Open-wheel type vehicles are not eligible, spread the news and invite your friends.

You do not have to be a Northwoods member to run this event.

The event will offer two days of high speed touring segregated into different classes relative to driver experience and car type.

The price for both days is $325.00 or any single day for $225.00. We ask for a $100.00 down payment to secure your participation with balance due when formal registration opens.

October 29th
6:00am Tech Starts
8:00am Driver Meeting
8:15am Touring Starts
5:00pm Touring Ends

October 30th
6:00am Tech Starts
8:00am Drivers Meeting
8:15am Touring Starts
5:00pm Touring Ends

Questions?? Call Brad Wilman 262-628-2310 or Darwin Godejohn 262-335-1640

Send $100.00 down payment to secure your participation in the 2005 "Northwoods Gran Prix" event.

Mail to:

Northwoods Region SAAC
C/O Mark Hasenburg
4043 7th Avenue
Kenosha, WI 53140

Safety and quality track time is paramount... hence preregistration is highly recommended to insure your participation. Any few remaining spots are usually quickly taken. Last minute sign-up, if available, may delay you getting through tech and on the track to enjoy a full day of high speed touring.

Saturday is the North circuit (1.46 mi)
Sunday is the South circuit (2.10 mi)

See [url][/url] for circuit layout.

There is no charge to enter and spectate this Northwoods Shelby Club sponsored event! Bring your cars, bring your friends, bring the kids and plan to have a nice time.

Henry V

Hope to see you there!
Henry V