we put our 01 xj8 up on a lift the other day. the right rear wheel flops around to a startling extent! there is a crack in the (aluminum?) housing attached the back of the wheel hub area. and below that, the rounded metal part that maybe goes around a bushing has no bushing in it and has a small chunk of metal missing from that rounded piece.

does this sound familiar? does my description help anyone enough to be able to tell me what these parts are called? a wheel hub with knuckle is what one parts yard called it. sound correct?

that yard (strandberg auto, wisconsin, quite knowledgeable with jaguars) said it's just a simple $65 used part. one assembly, no big deal.

will i need other new pieces to have this replaced? inner bearing? bushings? anything else? i dont want to send it to the shop and not have all the pieces to get it back together.

thank you very much...