I believe my oil pressure sender unit is "tired". It looks like it is original to the 1962 car, but it can give readings that are so low, my mechanic says they'd be impossible without making a lot of noise and damaging the engine. I've ordered a new unit from XKs Unlimited.

My question is for anyone who's had experience replacing one of these. I can see the unit underneath the carbs, and I believe I can access it from the top. I have no way to lift the car if the access needs to be from underneath. What I want to know is, are there any "gotchas" taking that unit off? I'm assuming that I'll be marking the wiring as I remove the two wires so they'll go onto the correct terminals on the new unit. Should I expect a big gush of oil when it comes out? Should I have a torque wrench to put it back on? I guess in the end the question is, should I have my mechanic do it or is it a feasible DIY for a clockmaker (me)?