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Hi. I'm a new member posting from chilly New England.
Despite the fact that there is a snowstorm bearing down on us, soon I will be uncovering my wife's "new" 2006 X-type (3 liter V6). It's stored in the barn for the winter, and has not run since November.
My question is about that first cold engine start-up after a period of storage. With my old TR6 it's easy - just ground the coil and crank it until the oil pressure comes up, then it's safe to start it.
How shall I crank the Jaguar without firing it until the oil is pumped up? Is there a fuse I can pull to disable the fuel injection, perhaps?
Any help appreciated.

Submitted by stevejag@sbcgl… on Sun, 04/02/2017 - 12:00

Fuses #17 and #19, both 15A and in the engine compartment fusebox, supply the Injectors and the Ignition Coils. Remove them and the engine is disabled. You can then crank as necessary without starting.


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Hi again, Steve.
Just an FYI, pulling those 2 fuses did not allow me to crank the engine. All the dash lights came on, but no crank.
I put the fuses back in, turned the key, and she started right up and ran great. I had a check engine light on for a day, but it went out on it's own.