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Thanks to the webmaster and members. Will use main search button/option to locate restoration related posts. I have what appears to be a newly restored transmission and one old one that looks a bit beat up. Unfortunately, the new one slightly binds up at the same point of rotation when I turn the transmission in any gear including reverse. The binding is on the light side but seems significant enough to warrant inspection. I read the manual. Disassembly seems rather straight forward. I notice that a dummy countershaft is required. Wondering if this is a special too or we can make one out of wood? My initial plan is to disassemble just enough to remove the oil pump. Then re-assemble and see if binding goes away. Thoughts welcomed and if there is a better way for me to communicate with a member I am open to suggestions. I chose to use the forum as a way of "giving back" to the community of E-Type members/owners should any of my journey assist them with their efforts.

I am handy but never accomplished a classic car restoration before. I have a 67 E-Type OTS. I have read the book "E-Type Jaguar DIY Restoration and Maintenance". I really enjoyed it. The car is mostly dissembled. Variety of parts new and used. Still on the wheels which I put on dollies to allow movement so I can access space more efficiently. I have a few of the most common manuals.

Probably just me but I don't see a forum search capability. Would like to search for other forum content addressing restorations.

Been thinking about joining a club. Would like to use a forum and club network to avoid pitfalls and set a good final product goal up front so I can begin planning the restoration. I definitely want to use it on the road. Shows/competitions, I am not so sure if I'm into that but maybe? Of course, I want it to run great and look great too.

I welcome member thoughts/suggestions and if all goes well, I plan on keeping up with regular updates as I am able to make progress. Thanks is advance to the forum users/members.


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Type your search topic in the box located on the upper right side of the page where is says, "Search JCNA".


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I have went down that road not too long ago and can help you with some of the challenges (what parts go together in what order, where I had my cadmium plating done, how I found original parts for Concour shows, etc). I keep a very valuable journal with the best sources for correct parts (based actual knowledge for your year car, correctness of the part for your year car, quality and price - some parts houses are very proud of their overpriced parts). For an example, I have found that every parts house usually has the part you need (they are sales people often compensated based on dollars sold not correct parts sold) only one sales person who not only knows your car but will take the time to find (and research for assurance) the correct part at the most competitive price ( I have wasted some serious time and cash returning parts that were supposed to be the correct parts but weren't. Completing my car to Champion quality could never have been completed without Vicky Pittsley at Terry's Jaguar; I owe her a ton of appreciation and thank you's.

JCNA membership and participation in your local club is your first step towards completing such a project.

Before you start I recommend that you decide what level of restoration you want to achieve. I did a full Concour quality and personally experienced the headaches that can bring and the joy and satisfaction knowing I did it.

1) If it's Concour Champion quality you need to clarify WHY and how long, and do you have the $150K plus to get there and what will it actually sell for when completed (some invest more that the actual sales price of the car at this level).
2) If it's Concour Driven class it's much easier and I believe that you can actually enjoy the car with less stress when it comes to correctness and avoiding damage.
3) If it's to participate in your local Jaguar club - Awesome, you are in for some fun and excitement on a budget.

With any of the above I know that you will benefit from becoming a Certified JCNA Judge (it's easy, fun and very educational); and you get to know others with some knowledge about your car as a resource. For example, you will definitely benefit from getting your hands on the JCNA judges guide for your car so you have a path to follow (I have found that several people are experts and not many can back up their expertise with official Jaguar or JCNA documentation - Oh how I can tell you plenty of examples of how to do it wrong).

I have posted two photos of my car. The first shows what I started with (non-rolling chassis and parts being loaded into a trailer) and the second is a photo taken a week or two ago.

Best wishes.

Lou Hardin