I believe we (JCNA) should develop a standardized Technical/Safety Inspection Form, similar to what we use for the Slalom course. This form should include a disclaimer of liability for the local club and JCNA, or this could be included on a HPDE registration form which we also do not have.
Both these forms should be on the JCNA website under the HPDE subsection and downloadable to the local clubs for their use.

Len Wheeler lenscatsatcomcast.net
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Submitted by silver007@shaw.ca on Mon, 01/29/2007 - 00:08

Art Dickenson.
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We actually have a list of items on the slalom page, to be checked, this was put together by me several years ago. There is however a growing concern that we may be making ourtselves liable by conducting " tech inspections " and in that way we are saying the cars are "safe". The new idea is to give the entrant a tech sheet and for them to check themselves and sign saying the vehicle is safe .......... This is what is happening in Canada right now.......Probably SCCA have implemented a similar program, as CACC ( the Canadian equivalent of SCCA )usually follows the US lead in such areas. Regards, Art Dickenson.