My 2005 XJ6 has a "dead spot" in the steering wheel tilt envelope, if the wheel is in that "dead spot" the dash is dead, or goes dead and the engine cuts off or wont start. If this happens, I can manually change the wheel to another position using the manual switch on the left of the column and the dash will light up again and the engine can be started. Once the engine is running, if I move the wheel in and out, the engine will cut out and the dash will go dead when it enters the "dead zone". The same phenomenon occurred when moving the wheel up and down except that up/down has stopped working. If I use the preset buttons on the door I can create the same problem.
You may say don't change the wheel position, except it automatically does so when you remove or insert the key.
Is there some form of slip ring or slide bar with a bad spot ?
I don't think this is connected with my intermittent unresponsive radio problem.

Submitted by davidmharrison… on Mon, 12/09/2013 - 23:04

Steve, Good catch, should be 1995, thanks.

I can "power through" the dead zone if the column moves fast enough, the engine will cut out then pick up again. Maybe there is an intermittent ground, though I am not blowing fuses.

Submitted by stevejag@sbcgl… on Mon, 12/09/2013 - 18:42

Did you mean 1995, instead of 2005??

Most likely you have a wire in the harness to the ignition switch that has broken inside the harness. Over time the in/out and up/down movement of the column flexes the harness back and forth until a wire severs. If you or your service guy locate and repair the wire, DO NOT reattach the harness with so many wire ties. Those are the usual cause of the break. Let the harness follow the movement of the column with out being tied down so many places.

Good luck!