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Just had some electrical work on my 1970 E-type. He found this and didn't know what it is. Contacted other Jag places and they had no idea. It was located 3" from the voltage regulator, had a wire going to the switch and one to the voltage regulator. He disconnected it and routed the wiring to the voltage regulator. Only thing not working now is driver side turn signal and the orange light that comes on when the switch is turned on.

Any idea what this is? The other e-types in his garage have nothing like this.

Submitted by JAGMANN on Wed, 11/20/2019 - 06:56

Found it. You'll find this on 69,70 and 71 XKE's. It's an Alternator warning light unit. Interesting. Thanks to Terry's Jaguar Parts in Michigan and especially Vickey Pittsley, this part has been identified.

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This appears to be probably a Lucas FL5 Electronic FLasher. Usually bolted to the firewall under the heater box on a left hand drive car. The one on my 1968 E-Type OTS operates the Ignition warning lamp on the speedometer.

Basically, power comes in and heats up a coil inside the unit. When the coil gets hot enough the internal contact circuit breaks the current and the lamp on your speedo goes out.

I cut and pasted some information I found on the internet some time ago in hopes that it may help you.

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