Help Needed With "Lost" Training Tapes

Posted By JCNA_Webmaster on 08 Nov 2021

JCNA and the Coventry Foundation have a partial set of the 1980s Jaguar Cars Inc. Training Modules.

These modules were created for Jaguar Dealership maintenance staff and were presented on now-antiquated Dukane Audio Visual system. The Training Modules content is very well prepared and instructive.

We have now re-mastered 3 of the modules to digital format.

We need input as to the value of these modules and whether we should invest more volunteer time in re-mastering additional modules.

The three modules are currently on the JCNA Youtube Channel and available with the following links

AJ17 - Jaguar Power Steering available at

AJ18 - Suspension and Drivetrain Part 1 available at

AJ19 - Suspension and Drivetrain  Part II available at

We have posted on Facebook and the forums asking for review of the materials to be sent to Les Hamilton or George Camp

JCNA Member input is important and your feedback is most important.