2004 Annual Awards Procedure Change

Posted By Anonymous (not verified) on 02 Nov 2004

2004 Annual Awards Procedure Change posted 11/2/04 - Related Links - General Discussion Forum Beginning immediately, the annual awards committee will institute the following procedure for determining all information regarding annual awards. On 12-01-2004, from the 2004 standings posted on jcna.com, the awards committee will determine the recipients and trophy information for year-end North American awards, for all JCNA competition programs. It has now become the potential recipient's responsibility to determine the correctness of all information pertaining to his/her 2004 year-end award. Those final standings and information such as; winning scores, spelling of entrants' names, JCNA numbers, etc., should be double checked, and errors reported to the competition chair of the respective program. ie: Concours: , Rally: , and Slalom: . Contact information for these folks is also listed on the next to last page of the Jaguar Journal, under "JCNA COMMITTEES AND MEMBER SERVICES". When the final standings are published, there will a form available on line to confirm the accuracy of the information before your trophy is prepared. The results are easily checked using your home computer and help from a grandchild, if needed, at any time after the posting of results of the last competition entered! (See www.jcna.com/standings, and Journal article on page 22 of the July/August issue) The new procedure simplifies the process of determining correct information for producing trophies, by eliminating the time-consuming, expensive, and burdensome procedure of contacting 300 entrants individually. Your 2004 award will reflect information exactly as posted to the standing of jcna.com by the event chairs, unless you initiate changes. Please remember that JCNA numbers must be included for your scores to be eligible. Congratulations to all the winners!           LEGAL NOTICES REPORT PROBLEM WITH THIS PAGE 2002 JAGUAR CLUBS OF NORTH AMERICA, INC.