Brief History of DVJC

Posted By NE33 on 02 Dec 2017

The Delaware Valley Jaguar Club was formed in 1965 as the Philadelphia Division of the Jaguar Clubs of America.  Founding club president Frank Weikel, who owned an XK150 Drop Head Coupe at the time, was inspired to create a club for Jaguar owners and enthusiasts like the ones he had encountered in UK while on a business assignment there.  Upon return he petitioned Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) to form a club to fill the geographic void between the existing clubs in New York City and Washington, DC.  In September 1965 a hand full of Jaguar enthusiasts led by Frank met with representatives of JCNA and officials of Jaguar Cars, Inc to officially form the Philadelphia Division of Jaguar Clubs of North America.  The club’s first publication “The Scratching Post”, a one page flyer, generated interest among local Jaguar enthusiasts rapidly swelling the membership to 45.  The first club activity, other than organizational meetings, was in March of 1966; a motoring trip to Gross’ Highland Winery followed by dinner at Historic Smithville Village. 

By the end of 1966 membership had grown to 65 members from well beyond Philadelphia thus prompting a name change to the Delaware Valley Jaguar Club.  In 1968 with a membership in excess of 100 the club was officially incorporated with JCNA as the Delaware Valley Jaguar Club.

The first DVJC Concours d’Elegance was held in 1967 at the Glenhardie Country Club in Valley Forge, PA.  Subsequent locations have included Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, Renaissance Office Park in Upper Merion, Hope Lodge, in Fort Washington, Coatesville Hospital, and the Rancocas Native American Reservation in New Jersey.  The tradition of an annual Concours d’Elegance event continues today at the current venue at Oakbourne Mansion in West Chester, PA.

In 2015, celebrating 50 years as a vibrant club supporting the interests of Jaguar owners and enthusiasts in the Delaware Valley, the Delaware Valley Jaguar Club hosted the Jaguar Clubs of North America Annual General Meeting in Philadelphia.  The JCNA Annual General Meeting brings representatives of Jaguar clubs across North America to discuss, review and revise by-laws, Concours rules and matters pertaining to the national club.

Today the Delaware Valley Jaguar Club continues to be an active and vibrant organization of  over 200 Jaguar owners and enthusiasts who participate in a wide variety of club events including Rallies, a Slalom, a Concours d’Elegance, Jaguar Gatherings of Friends hosted at members homes, monthly breakfast socials and other events.