The Cone Zone - January 2004

Posted By Anonymous (not verified) on 09 Dec 2003

"The Cone Zone" - January 2004 a.k.a. The Slalom Column by , JCNA Slalom Chair posted 12/9/03 - Related Links - Slalom Resource Center JCNA Slalom Forum News and Features Index The year 2003 saw the JCNA Slalom program once again finish as an absolute success. Despite a somewhat rocky start resulting from questions about changes in the rules, slaloms across the country welcomed several new classes, including the new light and heavyweight "Street Prepared" classes. In all, twenty-two sanctioned slalom events were held, including events of particular note - the slalom at the Jaguar Challenge Championship in Phoenix, Arizona in May, and the Montreal Club's slalom held at British Invasion in Stowe, Vermont in September. Entries in various classes varied widely. Class G, the XJ8's, saw only two entries all season. In contrast, our largest class, Class J, the XJS's, saw 38 member entries. In all, 181 member entries were recorded across all 15 classes. This includes the fact that many of the same people entered in more than one class, driving different cars, sometime even in the same slalom. Also, many of those people raced in more than one slalom during the season. Plus, not reported on in the national standings, we also had dozens of non-members who came out with Jaguars or other makes, and ran the course as well. If someone has a lot of spare time on their hands, they could go through and count all of the entries in each event to find out what the actual total of "driver days" we had in all of the events. Suffice it to say, this was a very well-enjoyed season, from coast to coast and boarder to boarder. I don't want to forget a special thanks to those without whom we could not have had so many successful slaloms - the volunteers! We often overlook those who help set up, do registration, keep scores, work the timing equipment, stage the cars for their runs, and clean up afterwards. Without you, we wouldn't have a program. So thanks to all! For many clubs around the country, including my own, the biggest single problem continues to be finding a suitable place to run the event. Unfortunately, many landscape designers and architects now view parking lots as part of the overall design of buildings. So they are built with dividers and islands and other landscaping features that eliminates any large, open areas. Where large parking lots or other suitable surfaces do exist, property owners or tenants are reluctant to allow us to use their lots, often because of fear of potential accidents and liability. This is so, despite the fact that JCNA provides a certificate of insurance for the event, participants sign waivers and all vehicles must have insurance. Not to mention the fact that there has never been an accident or injury that I've ever heard of in a JCNA sanctioned slalom. JCNA and local clubs have made every effort to make slaloming a safe and enjoyable program. If we could only solve the space problem. I'm hoping to make this column a regular addition to Jaguar Journal and the JCNA website. Over the next several editions, I will try to explain what slaloming is all about and hopefully entice some more of you to come out and give it a try. If anyone has questions or a particular topic you'd like me to discuss, or if you have any suggestions how we can improve the program, please contact me by email:, or contact me at the address shown in the list of officers. See you on the race course! Steve Weinstein           LEGAL NOTICES REPORT PROBLEM WITH THIS PAGE 2002 JAGUAR CLUBS OF NORTH AMERICA, INC.