Slalom Rules: A Major Rewrite

Posted By Anonymous (not verified) on 23 Dec 2003

Slalom Rules: A Major Rewrite by Steve Weinstein, JCNA Slalom Chair posted 12/23/03 - Related Links - Slalom Resource Center Proposed Slalom Rules JCNA Slalom Forum News and Features Index The Slalom Committee, along with the help of several "interested" JCNA members, has undertaken a major reorganization and re-writing of the Slalom Rules. A copy of the proposed new format and new rules has been posted to the JCNA website for review by the entire JCNA membership. In the past, the rules were criticized from a number of points of view. It was felt that they were not well organized, that they lacked sufficient specificity to answer all questions, and that it was hard to find answers to questions. Also, with the addition of the Street Prepared ("SP") classes last year, many members felt that the rules did not sufficiently distinguish between SP and Modified class. In order to address these and other concerns, the rules were re-written. Several of the major changes are highlighted here: The rules were organized by category, putting similar rules together so that answers to specific questions can be found more easily. Also, if additional rules are added in the future, they can be put in the proper category. Stock class rules have been clarified. A more detailed list of modifications have been set forth to define SP classes. Certain modifications are listed that automatically place a car in Modified class. Other modifications are listed, and any car with up to four (4) of these allowed categories of modifications is assigned to SP class. Any car with five (5) or more categories of modifications is then assigned to Modified class. The proposed rules will be submitted to the AGM for approval in March, well before the start of the 2004 slalom season. All members are encouraged to read the revised rules and submit any comments to the Slalom Committee as soon as possible. We anticipate that the final version of the revised rules will be included in the AGM agenda and hopefully will be published in Jaguar Journal as well. Any question or comments, please contact , JCNA Slalom Chairman. click here to dowload the proposed rules (Word Doc. 45k)           LEGAL NOTICES REPORT PROBLEM WITH THIS PAGE 2002 JAGUAR CLUBS OF NORTH AMERICA, INC.