From The President - Spam / Scams / Viruses

Posted By webmaster on 27 Jun 2019

To All JCNA Members, In this day of digital communication, we all receive a fair amount of unwanted spam in our inboxes. Some is just that, spam. Some are malicious viruses, or scams hoping to prey on you and con you out of money and personal information! As a reminder, if you get a text message or an email WHICH YOU ARE NOT SPECIFICALLY EXPECTING that: • Asks you to take some unusual action like buy gift cards or send money. • Asks you to click a link or open an attachment to FIX something, like a virus or an account error. • Asks you to click a link or open an attachment to receive an important [unexpected] document, fax, or voice message. • Asks you to click a link or open an attachment to receive your winnings or prize. • Asks you to click a link or open an attachment with no proper personal explanation, especially from what appears to be a friend. As you no doubt know these messages are scams. Every single one. Each one. All of them. They appear to be from Microsoft, from the government, from your banks, from Norton, from your cell phone company, from your known friends and contacts, from your co-workers or your boss, or even the JCNA Every Single One. Without Exception. Delete all of these at once without responding, clicking or opening. You have nothing to gain and everything to lose. The scammers are relying on your curiosity, gullibility, or haste. If you have any doubts CALL OR TEXT THE SENDER BY PHONE USING A KNOWN ESTABLISHED PHONE NUMBER and ask what they are sending you and why. If you receive a message that appears to be from the JCNA but something just doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t! Pick up the phone and call us to verify. If you receive an email from another JCNA member or your Region or Club that asks for money or some strange assistance, call that person to ensure it actually came from them. When you receive these scams, there will always be a glimmer of doubt. Trust that doubt! (Based on a Rolls Royce Owners Club memo) Les Hamilton JCNA President and SW Region Director Jaguar Associate Group, JAG - JCNA SW05 2nd Vice President, Webmaster (408)759-2921