Website Excellence Award

A Club’s website is a great tool for getting information out to current members and recruiting prospective members.  A website is the digital face of the Club.  It provides a view into the activities, people, vehicles and culture of the Club.  It is a place to showcase the Club’s members, Jaguars, Board, past and future activities, newsletter, etc.  It provides information to help turn website visitors into Club members.  The Website Excellence Award winners set the standard for creating and engaging with the online Jaguar community.  This is a lifetime award for the Webmaster.

Past Recipients

2023 : Jaguar Associate Group, Webmaster: Tom O'Neill
2022 : Seattle Jaguar Club, Webmaster: Michael Watts
2021 : Jaguar Club of Pittsburgh, Site Administrator: Dolly Taskey
2020 : Carolina Jag Club, Webmaster: Richard Lloyd-Roberts
2019 : Jaguar Club of Florida, Webmaster: Judy Delmar
2018 : Jaguar Affiliate Group of Michigan - Webmaster: Phil Crutchfield
2016 : Jaguar Associate Group - Webmaster: Les Hamilton
2015 : Jaguar Owners Club of Los Angeles - Webmaster: Janice Sowell
2014 : Ontario Jaguar Owners Association - Webmaster: Tommy Cross
2013 : Jaguar Club of North Florida - Webmaster: Ian Massey
2012 : Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona - Webmaster: Maggie Secker
2011 : North Georgia Jaguar Club - Webmaster: Richard Maury
2011 : Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona - Webmaster: Maggie Secker
2010 : Jaguar Drivers Club of Long Island, Webmaster: Barry Hayes