Website Excellence Award

JCNA Newsletter Awards

The Newsletter Awards recognize talented writers and photographers who contribute to JCNA affiliate club newsletters. Judging is based on quality of writing, how well the subject matter is presented and value to the reader in terms of education, performing a task and simple reading enjoyment.

Photography: Photos of cars, people or events as they appeared in the newsletter.

Heritage: Historical and nostalgic articles about Jaguar history, local club history, past events, etc.

Technical Articles: Informative articles on care, maintenance, repair and restoration.

Travel: Accounts of solo or club group road trips and other travel related to Jaguars.

The Jaguar Life: Humor, personal Jaguar anecdotes, thoughts on why we love Jaguars, articles about special members, etc.

Past Recipients

2018: Jaguar Affiliate Group of Michigan - Webmaster: Phil Crutchfield
2016: Jaguar Associate Group - Webmaster: Les Hamilton
2015: Jaguar Owners Club of Los Angeles - Webmaster: Janice Sowell
2014: Ontario Jaguar Owners Association - Webmaster: Tommy Cross
2013: Jaguar Club of North Florida - Webmaster: Ian Massey
2012: Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona - Webmaster: Maggie Secker
North Georgia Jaguar Club - Webmaster: Richard Maury
2011: Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona - Webmaster: Maggie Secker
Jaguar Drivers Club of Long Island, Webmaster: Barry Hayes