Newsletter Award Winners - Technical

Past Recipients

2020: First: Ben Brown, Seattle Jag Club, JagMag (September 2020), "XK120 DHC Windshield Gasket Replacement"
2020: Second: Kevin Fitzgerald, Delaware Valley Jaguar Club, The Jaguar's Purr (March 2020), "The Green Lane Growler - To Be or Not To Be, Part 3"
2019: First: Ron Smith, Jaguar Driver's and Restorer's Club of Northwest America, JagMag (April Bonus 2019), "Use of Oxygen Sensors for Tuning"
2019: John Clarke and Alan Yorke, Canadian XK Jaguar Register, Classical Gas (May/June 2019), "Greatest Threat to your Vintage Car - Fire"
2018: First: John Stewart, Carolina Jaguar Club, The Litter Box (August 2018), "Tiny Tech Tips"
2018: Second: Allan Lawrence, Canadian XJ Jaguar Register, Classical Gas (January/February 2018), "Life Is A Box Of Chocolates"
2017: First: John Stewart, Carolina Jaguar Club, The Litter Box (February 2017), "Tiny Tech Tips"
2017: Second: Rod Lindoo, Jaguar Club of Illinois, The Jag Rag (May 2017), "E-Type Auto Trans & Heated Glass"
2016: First: Bruce Murray, Jaguar Association of New England, Coventry Cat (January 2016), "A Mark 2 Filter Change"
2016: Second: Les Hamilton, Jaguar Associate Group, JAGazette (September 2016), "Adventures in 3D Printing"
2015: First: Allan Lawrence, Canadian XK Jaguar Register, Classical Gas (January/February 2015), "Ethanol-Blended Gasoline, Biofuels & What It Means to You"
2015: Second: Chuck Diamond, Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan, Indicator (December 2014 - February 2015), "Healing A Sick E-Type"
2014: First: Robert Silvestri, The Coventry Cat, “Out of Darkness”
2014: Second: Mike Bailey, The Indicator, “Behind the Wheel”
2013: First: Mike Bailey, The Indicator, "From Behind the Wheel"
2013: Second: Jim McLean, Classic Gas, "Hot Kitties"
2012: First: Harvey Ferris, The Litter Box, "Chrome Bumpers and Shiny Bits"
2012: Second: Paul Harder, Jagwire, "XK120/140 Pedal Mod"
2012: Third: Tom Wright, Jaguar Tracks, "Buying My E-Type"