Newsletter Award Winners - Jaguar Life

Past Recipients

2018: First: Les Barbutt, Canadian XK Jaguar Registry, Classical Gas (January/February 2018), "Born To Be Wild"
2018: Second: Phil Endliss, Jaguar Associate Group, JAGazette (November 2018), "JAG Went To England"
2017: First: Bob Stevenson, Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan, The Indicator (March 2017), "Memories of Good Times and People"
2017: Second: Michael Kaleel, Jaguar Association of New England, Coventry Cat (October 2017), "JANE Helped Me to Live My Passion"
2016: First: Dennis Eklof - Jaguar Association of New England, The Coventry Cat (March 2016), "This One Didn't Get Away"
2016: Second: Phil Endliss - Jaguar Associates Group, The JAGazette (January 2016), "The Mark X Story: The Long Journey to Get a Classic Back on the Road"
2015: First: Steve Sheriff - The Ontario Jaguar Owners Association, The Ontario Jaguar (March/April 2015), "My Jaguar Journey"
2015: Second: Timothy J. Horton - Canadian XK Jaguar Register, Classical Gas (November/December 2015), "Jaguars on the Screen: Motion Pictures"
2014: First: Ian Crawford, JagWire, “Jaguar with Claws”
2014: Second: Mike Bailey, The Indicator, “JAGM Raffle”