Master Report

Event Name:JCNA Slalom at the ABFM

Event Date:Sun, Sep 08, 2019


Location: Portland International Raceway

Club:Jaguar Owners Club of Oregon (NW32)

Chairperson:Tyler Hayward


Chairperson Phone:5035221181

Class Entrant Name Specific Member Member Car Description Score
K – Two Wheel Drive Non-Supercharged GT Cars – XK, XK8 and S-Type (1996-present) John and Cynthia Svensson John Svensson NW32-57164 2009 XK 60.670
L – Two Wheel Drive Supercharged GT Cars – XKR, XJR and S-Type R (1999-present) Rex and Susie Schneider Rex Schneider NW32-56721CJ 2011 XKR 46.330
M - Four door sedans (XJ40, XJ, XF, & XE) (1987-20__) Wynne Wakkila Wynne Wakkila NW32-44098 2013 XF 46.420
M - Four door sedans (XJ40, XJ, XF, & XE) (1987-20__) Clive Townley Clive Townley NW61-45589J 2016 XF 43.200
Z – All non-Jaguar powered cars Seth P. Shenker Seth Shenker NW32-62274J 2006 Honda S2000 48.080
Z – All non-Jaguar powered cars Tyler & Alison Hayward Tyler Hayward NW32-46650 2006 Mini JCW 43.380
Z – All non-Jaguar powered cars Ben Mason 2017 Ford Focos RS 39.710