Master Report

Event Name:Fall 2021 Frisco Farmers Market British Car Show and Slalom

Event Date:Sun, Sep 19, 2021


Location: Frisco Farmers Market 9215 John W. Elliott Dr, Frisco, TX‎ 75036

Club:Jaguar Owners Association of North Texas (SC35)

Chairperson:J.J. Keig


Chairperson Phone:469-617-9633

Class Entrant Name Specific Member Member Car Description Score
D – E Types – 6 cylinders ( 1961-1971) Joe and Jackie Novotnak Joe Novotnak SC35-65081 1965 Jaguar E Type OTS Red 61.176
D – E Types – 6 cylinders ( 1961-1971) Glen and Katy Fischer Jarboe Glen Jarboe SC35-44533 1969 Jaguar OTS Maroon 51.054
D – E Types – 6 cylinders ( 1961-1971) J.J. and Rebecca Keig J. J. Keig SC35-64242J 1969 E Type FHC Blue 49.088
H – Modified Class – Lightweight Jaguar sports cars (XK 120, 140, 150, C, D, XKSS, and E Types); Jaguar powered specials and replicas (Concours eligible) Richard Wright Richard Wright SC35-47144 1971 Jaguar E Type FHC 44.930
K – Two Wheel Drive Non-Supercharged GT Cars – XK, XK8 and S-Type (1996-present) Don and Bonnie Marpe Don Marpe SC35-50049J 2012 Jaguar XK8 Coupe Blue 50.096
K – Two Wheel Drive Non-Supercharged GT Cars – XK, XK8 and S-Type (1996-present) Joe and Janelle Friedlander Joe Friedlander SC35-64852 Jaguar XK8 Coupe 48.234
L – Two Wheel Drive Supercharged GT Cars – XKR, XJR and S-Type R (1999-present) Dave McDowell Dave McDowell SC35-29371CJ 2014 Jaguar XKR Coupe Red 48.137
N – AWD Cars – X Type and F-Pace (2002-present) Ben and Jan Key Davis Ben Davis SC35-47099J 2021 Jaguar F Pace Silver 62.739
R – F-Type – All models (2013-present) Bob and Andi Kirk Bob Kirk SC35-65597 2018 Jaguar F Type Red 48.514
SP/L – Street Prepared, Lightweight – All 120, 140 & 150 Lloyd Lumpkins Lloyd Lumpkins SC35-61785 1969 Jaguar E Type FHC White 48.564