Master Report

Event Name:2022 International Jaguar Festival - Sanctioned Slalom and Awards Banquet

Event Date:Sat, Oct 15, 2022


Location: Frontiers of Flight Museum and Embassy Suites Hotel in Dallas Texas

Club:Jaguar Owners Association of North Texas (SC35)

Chairperson:J.J. Keig


Chairperson Phone:814-449-0940

Class Entrant Name Specific Member Member Car Description Score
A - Classics – Includes all Jaguars through MK V (1927-1951) John and Bunni Boswell II John Boswell NC47-06150CJ 1938 SS Jaguar DHC 72.247
D - E Types -6 Cylinders (1961-1971) J.J. and Rebecca Keig J. J. Keig SC35-64242J 1969 E-Type FHC Blue 49.518
L – Two Wheel Drive Supercharged GT Cars – XKR, XJR and S-Type R (1999-present) Cynthia Santiago and David Traylor David Traylor SC35-67471 1999 Vandenplas SC 47.958
R – F-Type – All models (2013-present) Terry and Gina Collins Terry Collins SC35-52043 2017 F-Type Red 48.256
R – F-Type – All models (2013-present) Melissa and Daron Cooke Daron Cooke SC35-66834 2014 F-Type Orange 46.113
SP/L – Street Prepared, Lightweight – All 120, 140 & 150 Jack and Cheryl Wade Jack Wade SC17-50072 1966 E-Type FHC BRG 49.653
Z – All non-Jaguar powered cars Kari Halme Kari Halme SC35-61901 2001 Dodge Viper Red 49.064
Z – All non-Jaguar powered cars Scott and Adrienne Jeffrey Scott Jeffrey SC35-64735 2021 Alfa Romero Guilia Black 47.588
Z – All non-Jaguar powered cars Bob and Pat Matejek Bob Matejek NC19-27612J 2018 Chevrolet Corvette White 45.567