Master Report

Event Name:NCJOC Fall Slalom

Event Date:Sat, Oct 29, 2022


Location: Unity Reed High School, 8820 Rixlew Lane, Manassas, VA 20109

Club:Nation's Capital Jaguar Owners Club (NE40)

Chairperson:John Larson


Chairperson Phone:301-520-3620

Class Entrant Name Specific Member Member Car Description Score
B – All XK’s – 120, 140, 150 and not including XKSS, C & D types (1949-1961) David Martin David Martin NE40-51876 1955 XK140 White 61.099
D – (omitted) Doug Wolfire Doug Wolfire NE40-51949J 1967 E Type, aroon 53.316
N – AWD Cars – X Type and F-Pace (2002-present) Barton and Marina Goldenberg Barton Goldenberg NE40-62523 2018 XE S Grey 48.007
N – AWD Cars – X Type and F-Pace (2002-present) Gregory and Barbara Furst Greg Furst NE40-66452 2013 XF RS 47.656
R – F-Type – All models (2013-present) Lee and Diane Towne Lee Towne NE40-63253 2016 F-TYPE R Black 42.799
Z – All non-Jaguar powered cars John C. Larson John Larson NE40-33872CJ 997 BMW M3 47.746
Z – All non-Jaguar powered cars Scott and Kathy Hoffman Scott Hoffman NE40-55017 1997 BMW M3 Black 43.167