Technical Helpline

Last updated - January 30, 2011

The JCNA Technical Help Line/ Hot line is officially open! JCNA is expanding services for its members and this latest and has been needed for a long time. JCNA realizes that members can do many of the small and sometimes large things needed to keep their cat purring. We can HELP! Instead of endless comments on forums with unknown respondents this service will be direct and personal. Please read the following carefully and enjoy.

The JCNA hotline will be manned during normal hours EST and may be reached by calling the JCNA toll free number 888-258-2524. You will be given a menu choice but you may press #3. The call will be transferred and if not helping another member you will be connected. If not answered please leave a message with as much detail as is necessary to contact you and possibly answer your question. HAVE YOUR JCNA MEMBERSHIP NUMBER handy when you call. If your question is lengthy or illustrations or pictures are involved you may simply wish to e mail your question to If you are not a JCNA member you might be helped, but JCNA members will receive priority. If you are not a member you WILL be encouraged to join, and if you are helped and save $$$ it will be well worth the modest membership fee.

So what sources does the Technical line have to help members?

  • JCNA has ALL parts manuals for ALL cars* that Jaguar built from 1938 to 2000. These parts manuals have been updated and are accurate.
  • JCNA has ALL service Manuals for the period 1938 to 2000 for all models.**
  • JCNA has all Technical Service Bulletins published by Jaguar from 1946 to 2005.
  • JCNA has technical parts bulletins from 1960*** to 2000.
  • JCNA has thousands of other technical documents covering almost every possible subject for Jaguar cars.
  • JCNA has a full library of all JCNA Judging guides and Technical Seminars.
  • JCNA has a full library of color charts and sales brochures to help with determining correctness.
  • -JCNA has a very good library of dealer training manuals that go much further into details and specifications than the service manuals.

What can the Technical Line help me with?

  • We can guide you to the necessary documents to help you fix or restore your car. We can direct you to the correct books and manuals-many available in the JCNA Shoppe.
  • We can provide you with the correct publication numbers for missing handbooks and manuals.
  • We can verify authenticity of parts of your car but we can not provide a Heritage certificate. We will direct you to the Jaguar US archives which can provide that. See the Link in the JCNA Library.
  • We can answer questions about the sourcing of parts both new and used. We can provide part numbers to help you in your quest with our preferred vendors.
  • We can help decode vital numbers and information on or about your car.
  • We can help you with technical guidance but please note we will use factory approved documents and methods in doing so.
  • If provided (pictures or documents) determination of correct parts and accessories for your car may be possible. NOTE: condition determination will not be possible via pictures.

What will the Tech. Line offer in the future?

  • This will be an expanding and evolving service that attempts to adapt to the needs of the members. Any ideas or new requirements should be directed to

Notes and WANTED!

*The Tech line needs the following parts manuals for complete coverage—can you help? DS420, XJ220, XK120"D" (or D type).
**The Tech Line needs service manuals for the XJ220, DS420 (yes we have C and D type!)
***Technical Spares Bulletins began in 1960 and ran under different schemes until today (Impart etc.) Prior to 1960 they were a part of the Technical Bulletins.

George Camp