PAS pump on Generator MK/XK

Started By: Roger Meeuwissen on 2008-07-01 04:53:08

Who knows which generator and PAS pump I can use for my XJ power assisted steering rack on my MK2. I prefer to couple a generator direct with the PAS pump instead of an extra drive pulley. I heard from a Hitachi generator with a ? pump.Turning or welding parts is no problem.


If you don't go with the standard generator and PS pump then consider an alternator with pump conversion. Lots more reliable and more amperage output.

Jim ,thanks for your answer. Its in fact what I meant as I made a mistake : I am searching for a PAS pump direct mounted on the alternator. Alternative a separate Alternator and PAS pump. Which models do fit with some DIY?

This is not my strong area. I'd check Coventry West, XKs, etc for a conversion kit. XKs has a rack and pinion kit so they may have the answer.

I remember that a few alternators were built for compact diesel vehicles with a thru shaft to drive a rear-mount vacuum pump for power brakes. I'm thinking Nissan or VW. That's what you want, and you make a mounting face plate.

Good luck.