Hello. I am trying to help out my dad who has a 2002 XJ8. His
original cellphone went bad so we were trying to find one that
would work. After searching on the internet someone said that
the ATT V60i will work. We bought the phone and it does not
fit in the cradle. I do not live near him so I need the best
way to make it easy for him. Is there a compatible cradle that
can be retrofitted for this phone? Or are there any other
alternatives? He needs a simple way to get hands-free phone
going again in his car and he is not technical and really
doesn't need a smartphone. Thanks.

Submitted by asimko@netsolnj.com on Sat, 04/26/2014 - 15:31

while steve is right about e911, no one is going to stop you from obtaining the exact same phone you had before. someone like cell2get.com should be able to provide one. or just google your model # followed by refurb. someone will sell it to you very cheaply. just call and tell customer sevice you got itfixed. they will activate

Submitted by stevejag@sbcgl… on Thu, 04/24/2014 - 23:36

You and Dad are in a bit of a pickle, Kevin. The V60i is really a paperweight now. I don't believe any V60i was ever made what they call e911 capable. Any phone activated today is mandated to have the e911 capability, so it can be located [to within 100 meters, I think] in the event of an emergency 911 call. Plus, that phone was never retrofitted to any models earlier than 2004.

My suggestion would be to contact your Dad's phone provider and ask what models of the Motorola Razr will work on their system. One of those can be purchased and activated very easily. [I bought one a few months back to use on the Verizon network, when a Casio was damaged] The Razr is a very good basic phone, is bluetooth capable, and can be used with a hands-free bluetooth speaker clipped on a visor; Motorola makes that, too. He would then have most of the functions he had with the one integrated in the Jaguar.

Good luck!