I am now ready to purchase a used XF, I have done some research online and if I'm not mistaken there were a few issues in 09 that would make it advisable to purchase an 2010. Is this correct? Also reading many owner reviews I have read owners reporting the following problems and I would like to know if these are typical or just one for every 1000 built?
A/C, Navigation,Auto Trans,Faulty fuel pump, kinked fuel transfer line & pin holes in power steering hose.

Submitted by bradpurvis@mac.com on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 15:51

Has it really been since March that I've perused this Forum? Did you ever buy your XF? I have a 2009 and have had very few issues with mine. The dash cover was replaced for deforming and one of the tire pressure sensors went bad and still later the whole module. All replaced under warranty. I also had a kinked sunroof drain tube, which took until recently to back up to the point of forcing the water into the roof liner and out near the left overhead reading lamp. Quickly caught and repaired with no apparent damage. It must of been crimped that way at the factory. That is all I can think of. Not too bad in this day and age of electronic gizmos. BTW, my car is a November '07 build, one of the earilest to come off the line.