Hello everyone;

My door pull on the drivers side has come loose. I can see in behind to see the retainer clip is broken.

Before I get into it; just wondering if anyone has gone in there and/or if there is anything to look out for.

Any help is much appreciated.


Submitted by patrickmcdermo… on Thu, 06/13/2013 - 14:46

There's a nifty DVD of the various tech manuals for the 300 series. I picked it up a few years ago from an online outfit called JagBits. I own (and sometimes work on) my '97 XJ6, usually after going through the DVD first and improving my learning curve. Wherever you get it, though, it's worth the purchase, since it will give you the diagrams and exploded views for all such access questions. Surely there's the push-in style retainer clips around the border of the door panel to contend with? I would recommend getting a set of these for your reinstallation, in case they break during removal. Then there's the various panel screws that secure the arm rest and the door handle? The automatic window lifts and seat programming module also must be factored - if installed. The module is a very easy piece to damage, so remove with care. Anyway, get the DVD if you can; it will help you visualize all of these bits and pieces first, and help you think it all through before any breaking and entering occurs! Regards, Patrick