To Window or not to Window

Started By: on 2004-11-24 12:57:21

I am currently building a 1971 XKE coupe for the slalom. It is a no holds barred in that it will be street legal but nothing that slows it down will be on it. The rules mention about running the drivers window half way up. Is this necessary on the coupe with the rear side windows or just for the roadsters so as to display the number. On my XJS, the number was put on the rear side window and the drivers window was down. If it is not needed, then it will be left out along with the metal channel and winder mechanism for both sides. Just don't want to get to a slalom and be disqualified before I start.


Art Dickenson.
1983 XJS GT \"Silver\""

My Reply to "Window":

The rule requiring the driver's window to be raised half way, first assumes that there IS one.

Lacking a side window would not exclude you from slalom competition if I were the tech inspector, but I would advise that you install a window net as a safety device for rollover protection. I'm sure that you realize the purpose of the window rule, and/or the net; that is, it's there to keep your arms inside the car in the event of a rollover.

Fortunately, our slalom program has never experienced any serious accident to date, including a rollover. I am sure that once this car is built, you're going to want to join in our HPDE program at road race tracks, where that type of accident is a possibility. The window netting might prove very helpful in that situation.

So, that's my opinion and recommendation. You're OK to slalom without the windows, but I seriously recommend installing the window netting.

Gary Hagopian

The Tech Inspection form contains the statement:

_____ Fixed head cars must have driverÆs door window rolled half way down.

Whereas the Slalom rules state

IV. c. DriverÆs window must be fully rolled down, and passengerÆs window may be either fully up or fully down during slalom runs.



Keith is correct. The slalom rules were updated to require that the driver's window be rolled all the way down. This is consistent with other clubs that do autocross, and most track rules. It's a safety issue more than anything else. In looking at the old rule, it seemed that having the window half way down posed more of a safety risk than having it fully up. So the rules are correct -- the driver's window must be all the way down.

As for the inspection sheet, I thought that had been revised also. I'll double check and if not, it will be fixed for 2005 season.

Steve Weinstein
JCNA Slalom Committee Chairman