Is it correct that only 970 MKV drophead convertibles were made for only three years 1949,50,51? Of the total built I have seen several different numbers given as to how many still exist. { in any condition }How can I find a confirmed exact number? I was a member of the Florida Jag club back in the 70's and at that time it was beleived that only 88 still existed.Now,in the computer age,I see numbers from 130 to 200.Thanks for your help.

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I'm admiring the car list of both Ron & grandpa with a lot of envy, Jon Pollock in Reseda has restored a number of V's & i believe is doing one now.

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GM, one of the most knowledgeable Mk V experts on the planet in Cordell Newby in Portland, Oregon. He has owned and restored several Mark V's (I bought a DHC from him many years ago) and has many Mk V spare parts for sale. His website url is


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Thank you all for your input,it is much appreciated.I would love to see resto photos of anyone that restord a MKV convertible and some history on your car.I have a 1950 that I am still trying to find the time to restore.I have a close friend who is a cabinet maker that said he would be happy to make the door frames for me.My car came out of Woodstock,N.Y.I have had it since age 24 and just turned 70 in April.I have worked on it on and off for the past 66 years.The engine was rebuilt shortly after I got it and I found some American engine parts that fit perfectly.It ran like a sewing machine on the first touch of the starter button.I did drive it for a short time but it needed total restoration,that I started and never could get enough time to finish and it has been sitting ever since.Thanks again! Best regards,Grandpa Marc.P.S.Anyone have a interior dome light that they would part with?

Grandpa Marc in N.C.
1950 MKV drophead convertible
1952 XK120 OTS
1951 MKVII
1988 XJ6

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Well we can add my 1950 LHD DHC 3.5 L to surivors list
Chasis # 647142
Body DH 1279
Engine 72088

Car has been in family garage Riverside, CA since 1970.

Just completing full restoration...engine runs like a dream buy all new gas tank, radiator recore, rebuild brakes cylinders, linings etc. Original paint stripped to bare metal, all fenders removed and in process of repaint.

Most difficult issu so far rebuilding rotted wood in driver side door frame. Complete new rag top & padded liner etc & interior kit follows. But at least very low milage enigine runs great with 50lbs oil pressure & 130 psi/cylinder.
Will be a beuty in the end
Curt Cronkhite

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Marc my numbers show 1001 DHC MKVs in 2.5 and 3.5 L . As to how many exist--I think that is a number that will be hard to determins. Registered and rnning possibly but in storage/ museums etc. Tough!