Are there any enthusiast on this board that enjoy taking their rides corner carving? Whose up for some road racing and get together May 26th-28 Thurs-Sat?? I'm talking an adrenaline junkies' dream!

Submitted by on Mon, 02/14/2011 - 15:21


Come down to Road Atlanta this weekend! I'm running my '63 E type with VDCA.

I had tried to set up an HPDE program in JCNA few years back, but had almost no takers. I think our guys consider their rides "too valuable" to race. They really need to go out to the tracks and see some REALLY valuable cars racing out there in vintage events. I've been having so much fun doing vintage racing, that I've hardly had any time left for the JCNA, tho I'm now a "life-time member".