I am researching the history of the 1952 Jaguar XK120 FHC LHD Connecticut registration NW6099 chassis no 679265.

It belonged to Jack Katzen of 38 Bruce Park Drive, Greenwich, Ct who sadly died in 1991 and the car didn't then move a wheel until I bought it at the Greenwich auction recently.

I am undergoing a full personal restoration.

Unfortunately Jack's paper records are no longer available and he and his successors are deceased. What little there is shows that he won Concours events, details unknown.

I have communicated with Greenwich auction records (go back to 1996), David Bentley, Mike Cook, Tom Jaycox and John Elmgreen, all of whom in their own way have a fantastic hold on the histories of these cars but no more about this particular one. I hope to be able to add to their data bases.

I havn't ruled out finding the vehicle's old records but apparently despite an extensive search they no longer exist.

I would be fascinated to know what sort of Concours prizes the car won and any other history about this car between 1952 (Hornburg LA) and 1991.

So please email me if you know any more than the above about the history of this car so that we can all benefit from adding to the databases.

Many thanks

Simon Slaffer. Jersey. Channel Islands. UK